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"Life moves pretty fast around here.”

It’s from a movie. My parents favourite. They watch it all the time.

Well, OK, probably not all the time. It just seems like it. I guess it’s because its one of the few movies they consider appropriate for me. Its not as if I mind or anything. I mean, they can watch whatever they want, whenever they want. They’re the adults, after all.

OK, I'm sorry. I missed the point a little bit there. Life and moving and fast. I bring it up because it doesn't.

Life is boring. When the adults brought me here, to this, I guess, palace, they told me I had almost free run of the place. Just don't get in the way of the others.

And honestly it was fun for the first few weeks, while I explored. Its a huge place with lots of rooms and lots of places to hide. But it’s so quiet. It’s empty and dull. Aside from my parents and a couple of people who live with them, I’m the only one here.

I heard them talking about me again. He says they should tell me. She says they shouldn't. They don't know that I already know.

See, I call them my parents, but they aren’t my mother and father. Not biologically.

As I understand it, they had a kid of their own, they call him my older brother. But he isn’t here. They don't talk about him much and they get very quiet when I ask. The point is, they have me and they don't have him and they wont tell me why.

I think I would have liked a brother. Someone to explore this house with, to play with. One day I’ll ask them about him again.

I talked to them about telling me I’m adopted. I told them that I knew and that its OK. I know it sounds kinda cheesy and unnecessarily dramatic but we all had a little cry when the talking was done. I think we’ll all be better for it from now on. We even watched that movie. It’s pretty good, really.

Wow. I don't know what to say. Mum had to go to the hospital. She said her stomach was hurting and Dad rushed her out. I'm alone with Uncle Dave now. He says she'll be OK but he doesn't know whats wrong with her. Neither does Aunt Amy. I'm scared.

I tried to tell Uncle Dave that but I cant talk to him like I can to Dad. He doesn't look at me like Dad does. And he interrupts me when I start to talk. He treats me like a child.

Dad is back. He was away all night. Mum isn't with him. He sat me down and told me what was happening. Apparently there's something wrong inside her. Something from when I had a brother. Dad says that the Doctors have to work on her but shell be away for a few days, maybe a week. I miss her. At least I have Dad to talk to about it.

We visited Mum today. She looks tired. And sad. She showed me the bandages on her belly. All I remember is the small brownish red spot in the middle.

She didn't speak much while Dad and I were there. She kept apologising for scaring us even after we told her we were just happy she was OK. The Doctor came in and said he had to check on her and Dad said we had to go. He talked to the Doctor while I went to press the elevator button. When he joined me at the elevator, he looked sad too.

Mum’s home now. She spent a few days in a wheelchair but now shes walking around again like normal. She told me she has stitches, like sewing stitches, in her. I asked her to show me but they're covered in bandages, like back in the hospital. These ones don't have the red spot on them though. Dads been spending more time at work since she came back. He’s still Dad, of course, but something's changed about him.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy left today. A big truck arrived and all their stuff was loaded into it. Dad said that Uncle Dave had a new job in a city far away and it would be a while before we saw them again. No one told me what the new job was.

I gave them a hug goodbye and then they drove off.

Mum has been back to the hospital twice this week. Dad left me alone while he went to visit. I sat in my room the whole time. He wont tell me anything this time, just that Mum is sick and the Doctors are working to fix her. Working hard, he said.

We watched the movie again, but it wasn't the same without Mum around. Life is beginning to move too fast for me.

Mum had a haircut. Dad hasn't mentioned it. I don't know if he even noticed. Mum always used to joke about him not noticing things that she changes. It makes me laugh when he talks to her and doesn't mention it. For some reason, that makes him angry sometimes; he yelled at me today. The first time I remember him doing that. It scared me and I hid in a closet in Uncle Dave and Aunt Amys old room. I heard Mum looking for me, but I didn't come out until dinner time. Dad wasn't there and Mum just smiled at me and we ate dinner while watching cartoons. The first time that’s happened as well. I never knew that smiles could look so sad.

Grandma and Grandpa are here! I haven’t seen them since I was little. They have a little dog who’s so super friendly and her and I have been playing a lot.

The dog is sleeping now; shes tired after I chased her all afternoon. Now all of us are having dinner and Grandpa is telling me stories about what Dad did when he was my age. Dad was a naughty kid, but Grandma and Grandpa don't seem to want to punish him for it. They’re all laughing about it. I wonder if that means I'll get away with some other stuff.

Mum didn’t join us for dinner, shes very tired and has been sleeping a lot. She was sick all over the bed earlier, and she didn’t wake up. It was gross and Dad had to help clean her up. I heard them cry for some reason.

I don’t understand whats happening. Dad is saying I have to go with Grandma and Grandpa. For a short while. I told them I cant leave because Mum is in hospital again and I have to see her. Dad tried to tell me I can see her when I get back but they don't understand that Mum needs to see me too. She said I gave her strength. If I’m not there to give her strength, I don’t know what will happen.

I want my Mummy.