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Nexus | FLASH
What do you do when a phone rings? You answer.
27 March 2024
Before | FLASH
The Behemoths came before. Before what, though?
11 March 2024
In the Valley | FLASH
They are different but so much alike. Theirs is a story of opposition and connection.
03 March 2024
The young prince goes for a walk.
24 February 2024
A New Beginning
Somewhere in their future is a man with a fish.
16 February 2024
Once we knew, it was too late.
08 February 2024
Four of a Kind
Compatriots, antagonists, they travel where they want and do what they can. No one can stop them.
31 January 2024
He travels across the world, being unable to stay in one place for too long, lest his eldritch traveling companion overwhelms him.
23 January 2024
Their fights shake the world, literally. But what could shake theirs, metaphorically?
15 January 2024
Death in the Estate
Come, take a tour with me.
07 January 2024


Come to see the forgotten.
A short history lesson
Analysts: The Old Hotel
Davis and Hitch deal with some unwanted guests
Answer the call, invoke your right.
The Bar
A storm, in more ways than one, rolls over the sleepy little town
Lucid: The Class
Alison, Dane and a few others find themselves in the deep end of a pool they did not realise they were in.
A Man and his Fish
Burt has a job. He's good at it. But he would much prefer to relax at home with a snifter of brandy.
An Overture to Conflict
The Author sits and listens to one final story told by the most enigmatic person they have ever met as their armada waits for the opening salvo.
The 12 - Changers
The Stranger learns some truths while Drury and his new friend race to the others. Meanwhile, on the First, The monk faces his own truths. (Part Six of Ten)

A Room Of Photos And Paintings
The Travelling Man struggles with what he must do and, importantly, what he must not do.
King's Caravan
The Royal Entourage approaches and one of two paths must be chosen for the people of this outlying land.
Underground City
There are more risks than can be known when you undertake such a massive engineering project
The 12 - Confrontation
Kaplan and Sumary learn something new about The Stranger while the traitorous young monk returns to the path on the First. (Part Five of Ten)

King's Dead
A mage, long distant relation to the now deceased King, must find a way to prove that he isn't the reason the King died.
The 12 - A New Path
Drury rides the dragon through space, racing against time and The Stranger. (Part Four of Ten)

Grandad's Stories
Stories and memories of heroes and myths. And maybe something more?
Revelation Of The Daleks - Homecoming
The Doctor returns to one of the few places he had locked out of his TARDIS. (Part Seven of Seven)

Sold To The Devil
Various people react to a scientific breakthrough.


Hunter's Temple
Searching for a father can take you to some of the darkest places.
The Gems
The omens all point to one thing, it's finally time.
The 12 - The Contradiction
Kaplan and Sumary can only watch as The Stranger makes his way towards the witch. The Nemesis makes his move against the young monk. (Part Three of Ten)

After a long day at work, it's only natural to blame everyone else.
Teen Mum
Making mistakes is one thing, living with them is another.
The 12 - Here Be Dragons
The monk encounters an obstacle at the citadel, while Drury comes face to face with something that should not exist. (Part Two of Ten)

The King
What isn't written is almost always as important as what is.
Space Worm
The worm's lifecycle is a known, predictable thing, right?
Prelude To MBK: Hoskins
The old detective is feeling the years. Which makes him the perfect person to help.
Ships In The Fog
There aren't supposed to be ships out here, so why are there?
The Rift
A doorway to another place, with dangers and unknowns. Of course we would send someone.
The 12 - Failure
The final task of the party. Splintered, weary and strained, they try to keep to their mandate, but so many things have, and will, go wrong. Failure besets them on all sides. (Part One of Ten)
The party aren't prepared for what they need to do when everything goes off-book.
Prelude To MBK: Gunther
As the assistant to the old man, Gunther knows more than he is supposed to.
The story becomes the storyteller.
The Travelling Man
A small meeting to acheive a large goal.
The visitor keeps to his own routine while the world around him acts as if he does not exist.
Prelude To MBK: Markus
There is something special about Markus. Which makes him a target.
Zeppelin 01
The building finally gets used for what it was designed for. At least, temporarily.
They sit out there, framing the city. So why do so few people know anything about them?
The Art Of The Hunt
Let's catch us a Sundrop!
Prelude To MBK: Fiona
Fiona is new to town. She won't be missed.
Everyone must follow The Path, even if the road ahead is tough.
Glass Dome
Something is moving under the gigantic glass dome found under the desert.
You didn't arrive here and you aren't leaving anytime soon. Stay away from the gaps in the floor.
Gang War
Each group thinks it can win this war. One is correct.
Dad always said to have clarity in ones vision. I understand what that means now.
Twin Cities
They sit on the Everlasting Plains. What do you think that means?
Don't Go In The Water
There are things in the water, we'd been warned about them. But not all of them.
One Of Those Days
Here's me, on just another day.
The White Hotel
There has been a murder in a place where one shouldn't be possible.
Lena Marks
The pressures of such a childhood must make their mark as an adult
The Firing Squad
Sentenced to death by firing squad. Our boy Tad has other ideas.
The Game Camps
Manifesting your destiny has obvious effects
There are advantages to being invisible. Until someone sees you, that is.
The Enforcer
He may be good at what he does, but he is only as good as his next paycheck.
Cats are natural storytellers.
Sir Garrick
The quest may be over, but it still remains.
Old friends travelling different paths reconnect. This is not a good thing.
The Things From The Swamp
If we leave them alone, they leave us alone.
How do you find a myth?


Two global problems and a missing husband. Now what?
Future History
A glimpse into the future, perhaps?
It does pay to enjoy ones work
Head Transplant
How to solve a problem like Jacob Love
Hidden World
What you need isn't always what you need
Curry (Part One)
Patience and solitude will see you to safety. Unless other things change
The Asylum
You do not like the asylum on the waterfront
The Seekers
When they come, you leave.
Lake Bled
The Curse of the Chalet is a remnant of the status quo.
The Study Of Angels
The gods, ripe for study. But would they allow it?
If only to see through the eyes of a child
It's the children who end up with the worst of it all.
A giant concrete box is a safe place to be, right?
The Expedition
Another fake story about a lost tribe, right?
Onix (Part Two)
Some things are explained. Others do not need an explanation
Onix (Part One)
Just a man and his perfectly ordinary dog.
Contagion (Part Two)
Deeper and deeper...
Contagion (Part One)
Digging into a mystery...
The Edge Of Everything
A world at the edge of space but the center of everything
The Couple
Everyday life with Dan and Missy
A Kidnapping By Any Other Name
It can happen to anyone
A Winter Festival
Alicia attends a festival with her friends
The Storm
Once in a millenium, once in their lifetime
The Coalition
Call it progress, if you like, it's still inevitable.
Should you be worried about texts from an unknown number?
We Sent Them To Space
The first attempt to reach Mars ends in ...
The Guard
The final story of an old woman
The Gap
A gap in the world, visible from a certain place only.
The Girl With The Green Eyes
He saved her, right? So now what?
Which is your favourite story of the umbrella cities?
Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Riviero knows something, something important about the tremors.
The Addict
Mr Byron has some visitors.
There's a whole world inside the marketplace
Statues In The Sand
There's something about the best laid plans? We aren't the ones who make them, though.
The Temple
Staying safe in an ... outbreak ... isn't easy.
The Aviary
The Aviary must be protected
The Hand
A message, not to go unheeded.
The Choice
Make your choice
The Traveler
The traveler is inside the city


What fate befell the Ta'Lun?
Three Towers
Only the important things survive.
The Girl Next Door
You never forget her
Life Moves Fast
Chick chicka chicka
Red Car
This could be a love story
The Gap Between Dreams
When you wake, and you've forgotten everything.
The USB Alien Ship
You don't just plug a USB stick into a random port.
You just have to belive.
The Blue Box
The other blue box that brings death in its wake.
No One Really Knows Where Those Mountains Come From
They're old, yes, but they were made that way
Death In The Night
Everywhere you turn, it stalks you.